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70% Of Olive Oil Is Fake – Stop Buying These Brands

by Baxter Dmitry
More than two-thirds of common brands of extra-virgin olive oil found in American grocery stores aren’t what they claim to be, according to a University of California at Davis study.
More than two-thirds of common brands of extra-virgin olive oil found in American grocery stores aren’t what they claim to be, according to a University of California at Davis study.
Instead, the oils were made from lower quality olives unfit to be labeled “extra virgin.” Worse, some were outright counterfeits, made from soy, hazelnut, and even cheap fish oils mixed with low grade olive-pomace oil and additives to create the look and smell of extra virgin olive oil.
Far more valuable than other vegetable oils, olive oil is also more costly and time consuming to produce. People have been adulterating it since the time of Christ, and a sophisticated international criminal racket continues finding new ways to get around quality control testing.
In April 2007, US Marshals burst into storage facilities in New York and New Jersey to seize a counterfeit and potentially dangerous substance. The product they seized? Olive oil labeled as extra virgin – 10,000 cases of it. Turns out it was mostly soybean oil. The street value of this bust? Around $700,000.
And this is not too dissimilar to 2008, when over 400 Italian police officers participated in a major crackdown called “Operation Golden Oil.” This resulted in the seizure of 85 oil farms who were adding certain percentages of chlorophyll to sunflower and canola oil and selling it on as extra virgin olive oil. The oil is mixed, perfumed, coloured and then flavoured before being sold to the producer as “extra virgin.”
Olive oil fraud is rampant
These busts prompted the Australian government to investigate their own olive oil market, and indeed, after testing all of its brands’ “extra virgin olive oils” in their laboratories, none were given the 2012 certification for being a pure olive oil.
All of these scams prompted the University of California to carry out studies on 124 imported brands of extra virgin olive oil, and they found that over 70% of the samples failed the test.
According to this NPR interview, it’s possible that some shoppers in America have never had 100% pure, extra-virgin olive oil in their lives – even though they’ve been buying products labeled that way for decades.
How to get real olive oil
Avoid “Light” olive oil at all costs. This is the lowest quality olive oil on the plant.
If you can find oils with the International Olive Oil Council certification, go for those.
Buy Californian, Australian or Spanish olive oils, which are far less adulterated than Italian oils.
Do your homework. Find a reputable company or source and buy small bottles from them.
The brands that failed the test:
Antica Badia
Felippo Berio
Whole Foods

The guys that passed the test and can be trusted:
Corto Olive
Bariani Olive Oil
Kirkland Organic
Olea Estates
McEvoy Ranch Organic
Cobram Estate
California Olive Ranch

Aside from brands there are simple tests you can do at home to check whether your olive oil is pure or not. Place the bottle in the fridge for around 30 minutes and check if the oil is starting to solidify. If it does then it is a good indication that the oil contains a large amount of monounsaturated fat, which is exactly what extra virgin olive oil contains. If the oil doesn’t begin to show signs of solidification then its a good sign that the oil is fake. This is not a perfect test yet it is a good indicator if you are unsure about the quality of your oil. You can also look for official governmental seals of approval on the label, such as “Australian Extra Virgin Certified” and “California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin.”
We have really had the wool pulled over our eyes with this one and its time to make a stand and stop supporting this corrupt industry of chemical additives, GMO’s and unhealthy alternatives. Hopefully this new action will decriminalise the olive oil industry around the world and restore it to being an honest trade, where an honest working person gets paid for what the other honest working people want to pay for. We’re paying for our health after all.

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Vaccines Cause Autism And Will Be Investiga...

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Just about everything that Barack Obama promised us about Obamacare has turned out to be a lie.

Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,
The critics of Obamacare have been proven right.  The Obama administration promised that health insurance premiums would go down.  Instead, they have absolutely skyrocketed.  The Obama administration promised that Obamacare would not kill jobs.  Instead, firms are hiring fewer workers because of suffocating health care costs.  As you will see below, even the Federal Reserve is admitting this.  The Obama administration also promised that the big health insurance companies would love the new Obamacare plans and would eagerly compete with one another to win customers in the new health insurance marketplaces.  Instead, many of the big health insurance companies are now dropping Obamacare plans altogether.
We witnessed the latest stunning example of this phenomenon just a few days ago.  It turns out that Aetna has been losing hundreds of millions of dollars on plans sold through the health exchanges, and now they plan to pull out of the program almost entirely
Earlier this week, Aetna, which covers about 900,000 people through the health exchanges created under Obamacare, announced that it would dramatically reduce its presence those exchanges. Instead of expanding into five new states this year, as the insurer had previously planned, the company said that it would drop out of 11 of the 15 states in which it currently sells under the law.

Aetna’s decision follows similar moves from other insurers: UnitedHealth announced in April that it would cease selling plans on most exchanges. Shortly after, Humana pulled out of two states, Virginia and Alabama. More than a dozen of the nonprofit health insurance cooperatives set up under the law—health insurance carriers created using government-back loans in order to spur competition—have failed entirely. While some insurers are entering the exchanges, even more are leaving.
Another one of “the big five”, UnitedHealth, is going to lose more than half a billion dollars on Obamacare plans.  So just a few months ago they also announced that they would be dramatically scaling back their participation in the program.
Because of the ridiculous costs, health insurance companies are either going to have to abandon the exchanges completely or they will have to raise rates substantially.
Needless to say, the people that are going to ultimately feel the pain from all of this are consumers
Customers who are now forced to obtain insurance or pay a hefty fine that grows more costly over time are being left in a difficult position. Americans are essentially stuck between a rock and hard place, either losing coverage entirely, or having to cough up money for a plan they can’t afford.

Something has to give,” said Larry Levitt, a healthcare law expert at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “Either insurers will drop out or insurers will raise premiums.
On the low end of the spectrum, tens of millions of poor Americans benefit from government programs that provide health care at little or no cost.
On the other end of the spectrum, the very wealthy can afford to pay the ridiculously high health insurance premiums that we are seeing under Obamacare.
So what this means is that the people that are being hurt the most by Obamacare are those that belong to the middle class.
As I mentioned above, employers are now hiring less workers because of Obamacare, and that is very bad news for the middle class.  One recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York discovered that nearly one out of every five firms is “employing fewer workers” because of this insidious law
According to a new survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 20.9% of manufacturing firms in the state said they were employing fewer workers because of the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law known as Obamacare, while 16.8% of respondents in the service sector said the same.
And middle class Americans that have to pay for their own health insurance are being hit with much higher bills these days.  According to one recent study, it is being projected that the average Obamacare premium will go up 24 percent in 2016…
Now, courtesy of a new study by independent analyst Charles Gaba – who has crunched the numbers for insurers participating in the ACA exchanges in all 50 states – we can also calculate what the average Obamacare premium increase across the entire US will be: using proposed and approved rate increase requests, the average Obamacare premium is expected to surge by a whopping 24% this year.
Even NBC News, which is about as pro-Obama as you can get, is reporting on the crippling premium increases that are devastating the middle class…
Millions of people who pay the full cost of their health insurance will face the sting of rising premiums next year, with no financial help from government subsidies.

Renewal notices bearing the bad news will go out this fall, just as the presidential election is in the home stretch.

“I don’t know if I could swallow another 30 or 40 percent without severely cutting into other things I’m trying to do, like retirement savings or reducing debt,” said Bob Byrnes, of Blaine, Minnesota, a Twin Cities suburb. His monthly premium of $524 is already about 50 percent more than he was paying in 2015, and he has a higher deductible.
All over the nation people are getting hit like this.
Personally, my health insurance company wanted to nearly double the rate I was paying when Obamacare fully kicked in.  So I searched around and found another plan that was only about a 30 percent increase, but at least it wasn’t nearly double what I had been paying before.
But when the time came to renew that plan, they wanted to jump my premium up another 50 percent per month.
Those of us that are in the middle are being crushed by Obamacare.  We aren’t poor enough to qualify for government assistance, and we aren’t wealthy enough for these ridiculous health insurance premiums not to matter.
Just about everything that Barack Obama promised us about Obamacare has turned out to be a lie.
So where is the accountability?
This is one of the big reasons why nearly one out of every five U.S. adults lives with their parents or their grandparents these days.  Many young adults cannot afford the basics of life such as health insurance, and so they have got to find a way to cut back expenses somewhere.  If that means moving back in with Mom and Dad, that is what some of them are going to do.
I am astounded that our system of health care has become so messed up.  But this is just more evidence of how our society is falling apart in thousands of different ways, and I am not optimistic that things will be turned around any time soon.

Russia is blocked from accessing this blog

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6 Weird Things About Zika That Don’t Add Up

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MessiahMews Blogs: Vax-free or choice-friendly doctors lists

MessiahMews Blogs: Vax-free or choice-friendly doctors lists: Here are some links with very comprehensive lists of doctors in the U.S. I suggest going to these pages and copying the info for your state ...

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2nd holistic doctor (MD) murdered in his office in 2 days!

Tennessee doctor could lose license after announcing office will no longer vaccinate due to autism concerns

In a statement posted on the website of Cool Springs Family Medicine that has since been removed, the clinic’s only physician, Dr. Daniel Kalb, outlines eight points of contention, including links to autism and the dangerous ingredients found in vaccines such as aluminum, formaldehyde, and animal DNA that contains viruses. The statement also singles out Gardasil for being unsafe and possibly leading to neuroimmune disorders and cervical cancer.
Kalb wrote: “I’ve had 15 years experience in taking care of ASD kids. That’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms. Don’t tell me that they are making it up or they are just reaching for an explanation. All of those arguments are stupid.”
Dr. Kalb earned his medical degree at SUNY/Stony Brook and also holds a Master’s in Public Health. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is board-certified.

Doctor’s license could be at stake

While officials from the Tennessee Department of Health were not willing to comment specifically about the case, they voiced their support for the CDC’s recommendations regarding routine immunizations. When asked by the media if Dr. Kalb could lose hislicense over this, they refused to speculate on what action the Board of Medical Examiners might take.
It comes as no surprise that many parties are quick to speak out against the doctor’s brave stance. There have long been calls for doctors who are opposed to vaccines to lose their license. For example, in a hateful Forbes piece, Contributor Dr. Peter Lipson calls out several doctors who have gone on the record as being opposed to vaccines.
Lipson says that “doctors speaking out against vaccination in the midst of an ongoing outbreak should be investigated, warned, and censured. They should have their licenses suspended until undergoing 150 hours of continuing medical education on public health and infectious diseases…”
He closes by adding that a cardiologist who actively encourages people to avoid vaccines and says there is no need inject chemicals into children to boost their immune systems should lose his license outright.
A 2015 article in the Washington Post by medical ethics expert Arthur L. Caplan is even less kind. He said of doctors who are opposed to vaccines: “They shouldn’t be allowed near patients, let alone TV cameras.”
“Doctors who purvey views based on anecdote, myth, hearsay, rumor, ideology, fraud or some combination of all of these, particularly during an epidemic, should have their medical licenses revoked. Thankfully, states have the right tools to do so. It’s time to use them.”
He points out that many states’ licensing boards have provisions in place for the removal of a doctor’s license if he or she is deemed to be unprofessional or incompetent or to endanger public health.

Fox 17 News Nashville reported
: “According to the Tennessee Department of Health’s website, Kalb has had no disciplinary actions taken against him. It is not clear if his stance on autism and vaccines will provoke to board to take any actions against him.”

Doctor’s concerns are backed by science

It is more than a little unsettling to think that a doctor could lose his license simply for raising concerns about the vaccines he must administer to patients. He raises some valid points. For example, the MMR vaccine has indeed been linked to autism and a host of other health problems. Gardasil has been linked with seizures, cervical cancer, autoimmune disorders, short-term memory loss, paralysis, and blindness. Formaldehydeis a known carcinogen, and the list goes on.
While Kalb’s post outlining the reasoning behind his position on the clinic’s website garnered a steady stream of supportive comments, it remains to be seen how welcoming the licensing board will be of his public stance
Sources include:

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Woman In Leading Flint Water Crisis Lawsuit Slain In Twin Killing

A woman at the center of a bellwether Flint water crisis lawsuit was one of two women who were shot to death inside a townhouse earlier this week.
Sasha Avonna Bell was one of the first of a growing number of people to file a lawsuit in connection to the Flint water crisis after she claimed that her child had been lead poisoned.
Bell was found dead April 19 in the 2600 block of Ridgecrest Drive at the Ridgecrest Village Townhouses. Sacorya Renee Reed was also found shot to death in the home.
An unharmed 1-year-old child was also found inside of the Ridgecrest home when Bell’s body was discovered and was taken into custody by child protective services. Police declined to confirm if it was Bell’s child discovered in the home.
“Sasha was a lovely young woman who cared deeply for her family, and especially for her young child,” said her attorney Corey M. Stern. “Her tragic and senseless death has created a void in the lives of so many people that loved her. Hopefully, her child will be lifted up by the love and support from everyone who cared deeply for Sasha.”
Bell’s case was one of 64 lawsuits filed on behalf of 144 children by Stern’s firm, New York-based Levy Konigsberg, and Flint-based Robinson Carter & Crawford.
The lawsuit named six companies that had various responsibilities with respect to the treatment, monitoring, and safety of the Flint water prior to and during the Flint water crisis, according to her attorneys. The case also named three individual government, or former government, employees who played significant roles in the alleged misconduct that led to the alleged poisoning of thousands of children in Flint, her attorneys claim.
The Bell case, however, played an important role in determining the future of the more than five dozen other lawsuits that were filed.
Initially, Bell’s case and the others were filed in Genesee Circuit Court. However, they were transferred to U.S. District Court on a motion from one of the defendants, engineering company Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam.
However, Ann Arbor U.S. District Judge John Corbett O’Meara ruled April 13 that Bell’s case should return to the state court claiming it lacked jurisdiction to hear the case.
Stern said the case will continue and a representative will be appointed for Bell’s child.
The ruling also forced the other 63 cases to be returned to state court.
Flint police say they have a person in custody in connection to the slayings of Bell and Reed. No charges have yet been filed.

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New Legislation Permits Authorities to Freeze Accounts and Use Them For Bail-ins

So… if a large bank fails in the US, the FDIC steps in and takes over, replacing management, and works to shrink the bank by writing-down liabilities and converting debt into equity.

In other words… any liability at the bank is in danger of being written-down should the bank fail. And guess what? Deposits are considered liabilities according to US Banking Law and depositors are creditors.

So… if a large bank fails in the US, your deposits at this bank would either be “written-down” (read: disappear) or converted into equity or stock shares in the company. And once they are converted to equity you are a shareholder not a depositor… so you are no longer insured by the FDIC.

So if the bank then fails (meaning its shares fall)… so does your deposit.

Let’s run through this.

Let’s say ABC bank fails in the US. ABC bank is too big for the FDIC to make hold. So…

1)   The FDIC takes over the bank.
2)   The bank’s managers are forced out.
3)   The bank’s debts and liabilities are converted into equity or the bank’s stock. And yes, your deposits are considered a “liability” for the bank.
4)   Whatever happens to the bank’s stock, affects your wealth. If the bank’s stock falls at this point because everyone has figured out the bank is in major trouble… your wealth falls to.

Let’s say you have $1,000,000 in deposits at financial institutions ABC. When ABC fails, your deposits are converted into $1,000,000 worth of ABC’s stock (let’s say you get 1,000,000 shares valued at $1 each for $1,000,000).

Now let’s say ABC’s shares fall in value from $1.00 to $0.50.

You just lost $500,000 of your wealth.

This is precisely what has happened in Spain during the 2012 banking crisis over there.
And it is perfectly legal in the US courtesy of a clause in the Dodd-Frank bill.

This is the template for what’s going to be implemented globally in the coming months.  When push comes to shove, it will be taxpayers, NOT Central Banks who are on the hook for the next round of bailouts.

Indeed, we've uncovered a secret document outlining how the Feds plan to take hold of savings during the next round of the crisis to stop individuals from getting their money out.

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MessiahMews Blogs: Juicing and Raw Foods: Fraud? Jessica Alba's $1.7 ...

MessiahMews Blogs: Juicing and Raw Foods: Fraud? Jessica Alba's $1.7 ...: Juicing and Raw Foods: Fraud? Jessica Alba's $1.7 Billion "Honest Company... : Alba herself will have a very difficult time explain...

MessiahMews Blogs: Talking About Vaccines

MessiahMews Blogs: Talking About Vaccines: For anyone that wants the document... here is the PDF of the Appendix B Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary Excipients Included in U.S....

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Truth behind chemo: ‘These drugs were derived from WWI chemicals’

rominent alternative cancer doctor Nicholas Gonzalez had been a dedicated supporter of medical freedom and informed consent long before his untimely death at the age of 67. Despite all the criticisms he received over the years, he remained staunch in his beliefs. Notwithstanding his resolve, however, he never tried to force anyone to accept his therapy over standard medical treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
Gonzalez believed that cancer is caused by a combination of poor diet, environmental pollution and daily stress. This condition gets aggravated even more when one does not eat meals that correspond with one’s metabolic type. The Gonzalez regimen proposes the use of oral pancreatic enzymes, large numbers of dietary supplements and coffee enemas.
In exclusive, never before seen footage, Natural News contributor Jonathan Landsman reveals a “lost” interview with the late Dr. Gonzalez. The interview reveals mind-blowing information about the failure and disadvantages of chemotherapy, as opposed to the positive health benefits of holistic approaches to cancer.
Dr. Gonzalez, in the interview, further reveals to Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365, that “the single most important determinant as to how a patient does whatever they choose to do … is their belief system.”
He even reveals the unspeakable history of chemotherapy, including these truths:
“During WWII, the Department of Defense had all these stock piles of nerve gas from WWI and they weren’t using them in WWII. And someone at the Department of Defense had this brilliant idea to try and convert this nerve gas into useful therapeutic modalities.
“Very few people realize the whole generation of chemotherapeutic drugs that are being used today – and there are over 100 of them – really developed from poisonous nerve gas developed for warfare.”
If you want to learn more shocking truths about the cancer industry, click here to watch the full interview with Dr. Gonzalez.

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Top 5 Feminist Fails

Fraud? Jessica Alba's $1.7 Billion "Honest Company"

Alba herself will have a very difficult time explaining is why, just like in the case of Theranos, her company it not only grossly misnamed, but may also be another fraud, because according to a just released WSJ expose, "one of the primary ingredients Honest tells consumers to avoid is a cleaning agent called sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, which can be found in everyday household items from Colgate toothpaste to Tide detergent and Honest says can irritate skin. The company lists SLS first in the “Honestly free of” label of verboten ingredients it puts on bottles of its laundry detergent, one of Honest’s first and most popular products. But two independent lab tests commissioned by The Wall Street Journal determined Honest’s liquid laundry detergent contains SLS."
“Our findings support that there is a significant amount of sodium lauryl sulfate” in Honest’s detergent, said Barbara Pavan, a chemist at one of the labs, Impact Analytical. Another lab, Chemir, a division of EAG Inc., said its test for SLS found about the same concentration as Tide, which is made by P&G. “It was not a trace amount,” said Matthew Hynes, a chemist at Chemir who conducted the test.
In Alba’s 2013 book, "The Honest Life" she lists SLS as a "toxin" that consumers should avoid. She started Santa Monica, Calif.-based Honest in 2011 after she said she had an allergic reaction to a popular brand of laundry detergent. According to the WSJ, she has no problem actually including it in her product, comparble to the Theranos' bezzle, in which its blood test was not only inaccurate, but had been superceded by products by its biggest competitors.
And just like Theranos, "Honest" disputes the labs’ findings and says its own testing found no SLS in its products.
“We do not make our products with sodium lauryl sulfate,” said Kevin Ewell, the company’s research and development manager.
And just as the WSJ exposed Theranos, now it has set its sight on the one company that years ago couldn't pass the smell test, and now stinks like a rotting venture capital corpse.
The blame game begins:
Honest said its manufacturing partners and suppliers have provided assurances that its products don’t contain SLS beyond possible trace amounts. Honest provided the Journal with a document it said was from its detergent manufacturer, Earth Friendly Products LLC, that stated there was zero “SLS content” in the product. Earth Friendly in turn said the document came from its own chemical supplier, a company called Trichromatic West Inc., which it relied on to test and certify that there was no SLS.

Trichromatic told the Journal the certificate wasn’t based on any testing and there was a “misunderstanding” with the detergent maker. It said the “SLS content” was listed as zero because it didn’t add any SLS to the material it provided to Earth Friendly and “there would be no reason to test specifically for SLS.” It said the product in question “was fairly and honestly represented” to its customer.

Honest said it didn’t deal directly with Trichromatic and declined to comment further on the certificate. Earth Friendly reiterated that it relied on Trichromatic to test the ingredient.

Honest also disagreed with the methods used by the Journal’s labs, and said the labs tested against a sample of SLS that isn’t the type used in consumer products. Both Chemir and Impact Analytical said they stand by their test results, used the most precise method for quantifying SLS in a consumer laundry detergent and followed standard scientific guidelines.
Then there is the question of what "Honest" uses instead of SLS: the WSJ reports that Honest supposedly prefers an alternative called sodium coco sulfate, or SCS, which the company says is less irritating and a different compound from SLS. “We have evidence that our laundry detergent contains SCS, not SLS, and any contention to the contrary is wrong." The problem is that SCS contains SLS, which means fundamentally the fraud at the Honest company, one which it uses to pray on naive and impressionable young moths, is one of cheap marketing alternatives.
Rival Seventh Generation lists SLS as an ingredient in its laundry detergent, including a variety made for sensitive skin, and lists sodium coco sulfate as an ingredient in its hand wash. It says both cleaning agents have the potential to irritate skin but are safe when products are formulated properly. “In all practicality they act and behave as the same chemical in consumer products,” said Tim Fowler, Seventh Generation’s senior vice president of research and development.
Not for Alba, who preys on the wallets of the uninformed with false advertising.
Then there is the real-time alteration of the company's public materials during the WSJ's investigation into the company:
During the Journal’s reporting, Honest made changes to wording on its website, including revising the description of its “Honestly Free Guarantee.” It used to say its products are “Honestly free of” dozens of ingredients, including SLS. Now it says the products are “Honestly made without” those ingredients. Honest also removed claims that other companies use “risky” or “toxic” ingredients that it doesn’t use.

When asked about the website changes, Honest co-founder and Chief Product Officer Christopher Gavigan said they were to help clarify, educate and accurately represent the company’s position. He said in a December meeting that Honest was also changing its product labels to match its website and had no plans to reformulate its detergent.

The Daily Messenger: The Fasting Cure

The Daily Messenger: The Fasting Cure: by Upton Sinclair Mitchell Kennerley, New York and London, MCMXI, Copyright 1911 In the Cosmopolitan Magazine for May, 1910, and in th...

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CDC documents with research data that unveil the agencies long history of fraudulent studies and medical cover-ups that hid the serious failures and health risks of vaccines

accines. In case you doubt vaccines are cocktails of neurotoxic poison – which contain highly dangerous Mercury amongst other hazardous chemicals – please read these articles:
Mandatory VaccineDr. Gary Null and Richard Gale wrote :
“It was a shocking surprise last year when a senior epidemiologist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, acted upon his moral conscience and released thousands of pages of CDC documents with research data that unveil the agencies long history of fraudulent studies and medical cover-ups that hid the serious failures and health risks of vaccines.
“Dr. Thompson, who co-authored and published research on vaccine thimerosal mercury—still included in some vaccines, especially the influenza vaccine—has admitted he was part of the CDC’s conspiracy to obscure scientific evidence proving thimerosal and the MMR vaccine as causal factors for autism. During an interview on the Autism Media Channel, he stated that he would never give his pregnant wife a flu shot because of its high concentration of mercury. “I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women,” Dr. Thompson stated. “That’s the last person I would give mercury to.”
Vaccine Poison
Contains: Mercury poison
Recently, an Italian Court backed by expert medical testimony ruled that Autism and Brain Damage are caused by neurotoxic Mercury and Aluminium contained in vaccines.
That’s why you should never vaccinate yourself nor your children. Click here to know how to legally get a vaccine exemption.
The following is a great resource compilation from Dr. Joseph Mercola:
  • NVIC Memorial for Vaccine Victims: View descriptions and photos of children and adults, who have suffered vaccine reactions, injuries, and deaths. If you or your child experiences an adverse vaccine event, please consider posting and sharing your story here.
  • If You Vaccinate, Ask 8 Questions: Learn how to recognize vaccine reaction symptoms and prevent vaccine injuries.
  • Vaccine Freedom Wall: View or post descriptions of harassment and sanctions by doctors, employers, and school and health officials for making independent vaccine choices.
Stay informed and join the fight against Mandatory Vaccination that the corrupt Federal Government is trying to push on a recalcitrant citizenry. Make sure they hear of your concern here.
Besides, why should vaccination be forced on those who don’t want it? Is it really to prevent others from being infected as they claim? But if others are already vaccinated, why should they be afraid of those who are not? Aren’t vaccinated folks immunized and thus protected against those who are not? Isn’t that the whole point?
The truth is vaccination is a scam that does not immunize anyone. It is a deception concocted to enrich Big Pharma. As folks get sick from the side effects of their vaccine poison, the need for other side-effects-laden “medicines” skyrockets. So the vicious cycle of diseases goes on and on while Big Pharma’s bank account gets fatter and fatter.

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