Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The following brands have one or more products that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

VerifiedOrganic Flax Oil; VerifiedOrganic Lignan Flax Oil

VerifiedBeautifyMe; VerifiedDePuff; VerifiedEyeCare; VerifiedFlushMe; VerifiedGlucoseShield; VerifiedLungCare; VerifiedNoStone; VerifiedNoWorries; VerifiedOralEase; VerifiedPancreton

VerifiedNopal Cactus

VerifiedOrganic Inulin - From Blue Agave

VerifiedFlax-O-Mega Capsules; VerifiedFlor Essence Dry Tea; VerifiedFlor Essence Herbal Tea Blend; VerifiedOrganic Flax Oil; VerifiedOrganic High Lignan Flax Oil; VerifiedOrganic Udo's Oil 3.6.9 Blend; VerifiedUdo's Oil 3.6.9 Blend Capsules; VerifiedUdo's Oil DHA 3.6.9 Blend; VerifiedUdo's Oil High Lignan 3.6.9 Blend; VerifiedVegetarian DHA Flax Oil

VerifiedAgarikon Dietary Supplement; VerifiedChaga Dietary Supplement; VerifiedCordyceps Dietary Supplement; VerifiedCordyChi Dietary Supplement; VerifiedLion's Mane Dietary Supplement; VerifiedMaitake Dietary Supplement; VerifiedMesima Dietary Supplement; VerifiedMyCommunity Dietary Supplement; VerifiedReishi Dietary Supplement; VerifiedStamets 7 Dietary Supplement; VerifiedTurkey Tail Dietary Supplement

VerifiedPerfect Food Raw and Organic Apple; VerifiedPerfect Food Raw and Organic Chocolate; VerifiedRaw Coq10; VerifiedRaw Meal Chocolate; VerifiedRaw Meal Vanilla; VerifiedRaw Protein Chocolate; VerifiedRaw Protein Vanilla; VerifiedRaw Resveratrol

VerifiedGlucose Tablet-Cherry; VerifiedGlucose Tablet-Orange Cream; VerifiedGlucose Tablet-Wildberry

VerifiedChlorella Pyrenoidosa

VerifiedRiceProtein Isolate Powder

VerifiedBee Mana Organic Raw Royal Jelly Powder

VerifiedSunflower Lecithin Capsules; VerifiedSunflower Liquid Lecithin

VerifiedCertified Organic Hemp Oil; VerifiedChocolate Hemp Protein; VerifiedHemp Oil; VerifiedHemp Pro 50; VerifiedHemp Pro 70; VerifiedHemp Pro Fiber; VerifiedVanilla Hemp Protein

VerifiedVeggie Protein Chocolate; VerifiedVeggie Protein Vanilla


VerifiedCoconut Dietary Fiber

VerifiedNatural Calm (Original); VerifiedNatural Calm Cherry; VerifiedNatural Calm Orange; VerifiedNatural Calm Raspberry Lemon; VerifiedNatural Calm Sweet Lemon; VerifiedVitality B Plant-sourced B Complex; VerifiedVitality C Plant-sourced C Complex

VerifiedNature Built - Chlorella Tablets

VerifiedActivated C Food Complex; VerifiedAloe Vera Force; VerifiedBlood Pressure Take Care; VerifiedBone Strength Take Care; VerifiedBone Strength Take Care Tiny Tabs; VerifiedBroccolive Plus; VerifiedCal Mag Bone Health; VerifiedChinese Skullcap Force; VerifiedChlorella Regularis; VerifiedCinnamon Force; VerifiedCoenzyme B Food Complex; VerifiedCoffeeberry; VerifiedComplete E Food Complex; VerifiedCoq10+ Food Complex; VerifiedDaily Ginger; VerifiedDaily Ginger Extract; VerifiedDigestion - Ginger Honey Tonic; VerifiedE & Selenium Food Complex; VerifiedEnergizer - Green Tea Ginger Tonic; VerifiedEstrotone; VerifiedEvery Man; VerifiedEvery Man II; VerifiedEvery Man’s One Daily 40+; VerifiedEvery Man's One Daily; VerifiedEvery Woman; VerifiedEvery Woman II; VerifiedEvery Woman’s One Daily 40 +; VerifiedEvery Woman's Inner Beauty; VerifiedEvery Woman's One Daily; VerifiedGarlic Force; VerifiedGinger Force; VerifiedGinger Honey Tonic; VerifiedGinger Wonder Syrup Original Tonic; VerifiedGrape Seed Force; VerifiedGreen & White Tea Force; VerifiedHeadache/Head Ease Take Care; VerifiedHoly Basil; VerifiedHoly Basil Force; VerifiedImmune Support - Echinacea Ginger Tonic; VerifiedImmune Take Care; VerifiedIron Food Complex; VerifiedLemon Balm Force; VerifiedLifeshield Breathe; VerifiedLifeshield Cordyceps; VerifiedLifeshield Immunity; VerifiedLifeshield Liver Force; VerifiedLifeshield Mind Force; VerifiedLifeshield Reishi; VerifiedLiver Take Care; VerifiedMineral Food Complex; VerifiedMood Take Care; VerifiedNeurozyme; VerifiedOnly One; VerifiedOregano Force; VerifiedPerfect Calm; VerifiedPerfect Energy; VerifiedPerfect Immune; VerifiedPerfect Prenatal; VerifiedRhodiola Force 100; VerifiedRhodiola Force 300; VerifiedSea Buckthorn Force; VerifiedSerofin; VerifiedSinus Take Care; VerifiedSmoke Take Care; VerifiedSt. John’s Wort Force; VerifiedStamina - Ginseng Ginger Tonic; VerifiedStress Support Multi; VerifiedStress Take Care; VerifiedSupercritical Antioxidants; VerifiedSupercritical Diet & Energy; VerifiedSupercritical Prostate 5LX; VerifiedSupercritical Sinus & Respiratory; VerifiedSupercritical Stress Advantage; VerifiedSupercritical Thermogenics; VerifiedTiny Tabs; VerifiedTiny Tabs C Food Complex; VerifiedTropical Tamanu; VerifiedTurmeric Force; VerifiedWholemega Cardio; VerifiedWholemega Flex; VerifiedWholemega Focus; VerifiedWholemega Prenatal; VerifiedWholemega Tiny Caps; VerifiedWholemega Whole Fish Oil; VerifiedZinc Food Complex; VerifiedZyflamend Breast ; VerifiedZyflamend Heart; VerifiedZyflamend Liquid; VerifiedZyflamend Nighttime; VerifiedZyflamend Prostate; VerifiedZyflamend Tiny Caps; VerifiedZyflamend Vegecaps; VerifiedZyflamend Whole Body

VerifiedArctic Cod Liver Oil (Lemon); VerifiedArctic Cod Liver Oil (Orange); VerifiedArctic Cod Liver Oil (Peach); VerifiedArctic Cod Liver Oil (Plain); VerifiedArctic Cod Liver Oil (Strawberry); VerifiedArctic Omega (liquid); VerifiedArctic-D Cod Liver Oil (Lemon); VerifiedArctic-D Cod Liver Oil (Orange); VerifiedBaby's DHA; VerifiedChildren's DHA (Strawberry); VerifiedComplete Omega-3.6.9 (Liquid); VerifiedDHA Infant; VerifiedDHA Junior (Liquid); VerifiedKenai Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil; VerifiedNordic GLA; VerifiedOmega-3 (Liquid); VerifiedOmega-3 Pet (Liquid); VerifiedOmega-3.6.9 Junior (Liquid); VerifiedOmega-3D (Liquid); VerifiedPet Cod Liver Oil (Liquid); VerifiedProEFA (Liquid); VerifiedProOmega (liquid); VerifiedProOmega-D (liquid); VerifiedProOmega-D Xtra (liquid); VerifiedUltimate Omega (Liquid); VerifiedUltimate Omega Xtra

VerifiedOrganic Hemp Oil Cold Pressed; VerifiedOrganic Hemp Protein 15G; VerifiedOrganic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber; VerifiedOrganic Hempshake Chocolate; VerifiedOrganic Shelled Hempseed

Verified5-HTP Gold™; Verified7-Keto Gold™; VerifiedAmla-C Gold™; VerifiedArjuna Gold™; VerifiedAshwagandha Gold™; VerifiedBacopa Gold™; VerifiedBitter Melon Gold™; VerifiedDecaffeinated Green Tea Gold™; VerifiedForskolin Gold™; VerifiedGarcinia Gold™; VerifiedGinkgo Biloba Gold™; VerifiedGreen Coffee Gold™; VerifiedGymnema Gold™; VerifiedHealthy Weight Gold™; VerifiedKonjac Glucomannan Gold™; VerifiedPharma Thistle Gold™; VerifiedResveratrol Gold™; VerifiedSt. John's Wort Gold™; VerifiedTurmeric Curcumin Gold™

VerifiedSuperfood Protein Medley; VerifiedSuperGreen Medley

VerifiedCertified Organics Mushroom Therapy

VerifiedFreeze Dried Acai Powder

VerifiedGround Flaxseed with Mixed Berries; VerifiedOrganic Dry Roasted Flaxseed; VerifiedOrganic Ground Flaxseed; VerifiedOrganic Whole Flaxseed

VerifiedCamu Camu Berry Powder; VerifiedCat's Claw Tea-Cut; VerifiedChanca Piedra Tea-Cut; VerifiedChlorella Tablets; VerifiedChuchuhuasi Tea-Cut; VerifiedMaqui Berries, Freeze-Dried Whole Berries; VerifiedMaqui Berry Freeze-Dried Powder; VerifiedMilk Thistle Seed Organic & Raw; VerifiedOcean's Alive; VerifiedOrganic Maca Extreme; VerifiedOrganic Maca Powder; VerifiedOrganic Red Maca Powder; VerifiedPau D'Arco Tea-Cut; VerifiedSpanish Bee Pollen Raw, Wildcrafted

VerifiedBurdock; VerifiedCran-Aid; VerifiedFennel; VerifiedGas Relief; VerifiedGolden Ginger; VerifiedHibiscus; VerifiedJust for Kids Organic Cold Care; VerifiedJust for Kids Organic Nighty Night; VerifiedJust for Kids Organic Throat Coat; VerifiedJust for Kids Organic Tummy Comfort; VerifiedLemon balm; VerifiedLicorice Root; VerifiedLinden Flower with Hawthorn & Lemon Balm; VerifiedNighty Night Valerian; VerifiedOrganic Heart Tea with Hawthorn; VerifiedOrganic Prostate Tea; VerifiedSmooth Move Senna With Chamomile; VerifiedSmooth Move Senna With Peppermint; VerifiedSpearmint

VerifiedPolynesian Noni Juice

VerifiedChlorella Dietary Supplement Powder; VerifiedChlorella Dietary Supplement Tablets; VerifiedMaca Dietary Supplement (Capsules); VerifiedMaca Dietary Supplement (Powder)