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Soy is a phytoestrogen - BEYOND MEAT is actually a long term bio weapon and poison

Soy is a phytoestrogen, or a plant based estrogen. It contains two isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, which act like estrogen (the female sex hormone) within the body. Because estrogen plays a role in everything from breast cancer to sexual reproduction, this is where most of the soy controversy stems." What are the implications? Beyond Man-boobs. Is Beyond Meat for Social Control, designed to work in tandem with Zika spraying (not the cause of microcephaly), fluoride in our water, and higher concentrations of Round-Up in our food, and 5G? I'm not eating it, unless they slip in my burger without me knowing Whataburger would never do that, would they?

Glyphosate soaked soybeans which, by themselves, are estrogen mimics coursing through your veins, growing your boobs or driving you emotionally insane not to mention worse things with the double-barrel roundup/estrogen knock on.

We must reflect on how sustainable it is with its low carbon. For our community, the reduction in methane, greenhouse gasses alone outweighs the health detriments which, in themselves, help with population goals shortening lifespans and reducing pesky libidinal excesses.

Organic fruits + vegetables = a long, healthy life - this beyond meat is just a distraction

Now you know why the satanic left is pushing this garbage

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Beyond Meat will delay puberty, grow men manboobs, and is a made of soy, which is a major estrogen mimic

So, you think by buying a Beyond Meat Burger, you’re doing yourself and the environment a favor? Think twice. I took a look at the ingredients and here’s my honest review! 

You may have heard about that new Beyond Meat Burger.

This new plant-based burger that tastes and even bleeds like a real burger. If that isn’t enough to weird you out, I don’t know what is.
Weird as it seems to me, I’m much more concerned with the actual ingredients of this beyond meat burger. Especially when the product touts itself as not just healthy, but sustainable.
Is Beyond Meat actually healthy? Is it actually sustainable?

After taking a look at the ingredients, the answer is hell no. Not even close.

Let’s examine.
The original Beyond Meat burger:
Beyond Meat Is Beyond Unhealthy: an honest, unbiased review of this plant-based protein shows it's actually full of carcinogens.
The Beast Burger:
Beyond Meat Is Beyond Unhealthy: an honest, unbiased review of this plant-based protein shows it's actually full of carcinogens.
Grilled Chicken Strips:
Beyond Meat Is Beyond Unhealthy: an honest, unbiased review of this plant-based protein shows it's actually full of carcinogens.
Beefy Crumble:
Beyond Meat Is Beyond Unhealthy: an honest, unbiased review of this plant-based protein shows it's actually full of carcinogens.
There are many ingredients in these products that are both unhealthy and unsustainable.

Soy Protein Isolate

Processed soy is particularly bad. Whereas fermented, organic soy in small amounts (like natto) does not pose serious health risks, eating soy protein isolate will definitely take its toll on the body.
Some effects of soy include decreased libido, mood swings, depression, and several others.
This study from Harvard found that men consuming the equivalent of one cup of soy milk per day had 50% lower sperm count than men who did not consume soy. That includes even counting other factors like age, caffeine and alcohol intake, etc.

Just wait. There’s more.

This study found that soy stimulated the growth of estrogen-dependent tumors found in breast cancer. And this one found the same thing.
This study found that,
“…this pilot study indicates that prolonged consumption of soy protein isolate has a stimulatory effect on the premenopausal female breast, characterized by increased secretion of breast fluid, the appearance of hyperplastic epithelial cells, and elevated levels of plasma estradiol. These findings are suggestive of an estrogenic stimulus from the isoflavones genistein and daidzein contained in soy protein isolate.
Soy is high in phytic acid, also known as phytates. These phytates prevent the absorption of minerals like iron and calcium (among others). This can be particularly harmful, especially for children.
Additionally, soy is high in phytoestrogen (source). This can block normal estrogen, wich leads not just to hormonal imbalance, but even breast cancer.
Note: this is why my periods were so heavy, painful and irregular when I was a vegetarian as a teen.

The processing that soy protein isolate undergoes is also a huge cause for concern.

Dr. Mercola describes the process,
“Soy protein isolate is not something you can make in your own kitchen. Production takes place in industrial factories where a slurry of soy beans is first mixed with an alkaline solution to remove fiber, then precipitated and separated using an acid wash and, finally, neutralized in an alkaline solution.
Acid washing in aluminum tanks leaches high levels of aluminum into the final product. The resultant curds are spray- dried at high temperatures to produce a high-protein powder.”